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Germ Theory vs. Terrain Theory


Western medicine has focused on the germ theory of disease for the past 150 years. In this model, infecting microbes (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and other pathogens) is defined as the cause of illness.  If you kill the germs you avoid or cure the diseases they produce.  The idea is that germs are bad and that they are the cause of disease and ill-health. “Killing germs” would be the solution to both treating and preventing states of disease. This explains the widespread use of vaccinations and antibiotics advocated by Western medicine. Louis Pasteur was considered the father of the germ theory.  But another theory says that microbes can’t cause infection unless conditions within the body encourage their growth and reproduction. If the body is a poor host, invading microbes can’t take up residence and cause illness. This explains why in every epidemic, some recover, some die, some only have minor symptoms and some never become ill at all. The French scientist Antoine Bechamp advocated for the terrain theory.

It makes sense in these times to do everything one can do to improve immunity which will increase resistance to all pathogens. Building a strong immune system with the right diet, lifestyle, and supplements offers a strong first line of defense against agents of infection. Rest, moderate exercise, and positive attitude also support the immune system.

It should be noted that Pasteur’s last words were “The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything.” Yet, the germ theory is strongly advocated by Western medicine today.  Look no further than the power of the pharmaceutical industry.  If you believe the terrain theory makes sense, then do all you can to fortify and maintain your immune system and your gut health.  Make it impossible for viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens to cause ill health. In our body, we have trillions of viruses and bacteria that cause no harm due to a well-functioning immune system and balanced microbiome. We have more microbes in our body than cells!  It has been said we are walking Petri dishes.  To prevent illness, do not focus on killing germs but cultivate good health through diet, hygiene, exercise, rest, and supplements that support the immune system and gut health.

Please talk with one of our knowledgeable Natural Living staff for information on how to support the immune system and gut health.  Treat the patient, not the infection.

Richard S Montieth

Founder and Co-Owner

Rick has been the back bone of this business since it was born in 1973. His extensive knowledge has made him the number one favorite of customers and employees alike. Joined by his two sons, Brett and Andrew, Rick enjoys helping customers with their health and wellness needs and contributing to the health of the community.

Today's Store Hours: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

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