The Taopatch

While watching the French Open tennis tournament last June, I noticed Novak Djokovic, the
number one ranked professional men’s player wearing some type of adhesive on his chest
during a TV timeout. The announcer said he was wearing a patch so I immediately searched
“Djokovic and patch” and up popped the website for the Tao patch which was the exact patch
Djokovic was wearing.

The Taopatch, according to the company website, is a patented wearable nanotechnology
device that combines acupuncture with light therapy. Each patch contains layers of
nanocrystals, which capture your body heat and convert it into impulses of very weak light,
which is then emitted onto specific points on your body. This light stimulates the Central
Nervous System and enhances its communication with the rest of your body. The patch is
about the size of a dime and is placed on specific points on the body with an adhesive. The
patch is waterproof, indestructible, and will last approximately 2 ½ years.

What can the patch do for you? First and foremost, if you have a neurological condition such
as Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis, I highly urge you to research the patch in detail as it has
shown remarkable benefits. A friend of mine was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in June and he
saw immediate benefits when he started wearing the patch. In the first week he said, “it is
definitely making a difference” and after three weeks he told me he experienced “voice getting
stronger, balance improved, and focus improvement.” The Taopatch may also help with
balance and flexibility, reduce stress, anxiety and chronic pain, improve posture, and boost
athletic performance and focus.

To learn more about the Taopatch, please visit learnaboutpatch and view the studies,
resources and science. They have excellent videos demonstrating the remarkable progress of
people wearing the Taopatch. Watch the informative webinar on the home page. Taopatch
offers 4 different patches and comes with a 90 day money back guarantee. We are not able to
sell the Taopatch in the store so please visit learnaboutpatch for ordering information.

Please email Rick at with any questions about the
Taopatch or other health concerns


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