DHA and Alzheimer’s

According to Dr. Sherry Rogers, there are two causes for all disease.  (1) The nutrient levels go down and (2) the toxicity levels go up.  She believes Alzheimer’s is clearly a disease of a starving brain choked with toxins.  It is believed that 60% of the fatty acids in the membranes of the brain consist of DHA, a component found in cod liver oil and fish oil.  Many studies have shown that there are abnormally low levels of DHA in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients.  DHA easily crosses the brain barrier and has been found to help in making new nerves, new receptors of the neurotransmitters of memory, and decreasing memory loss which may precede the occurrence of Alzheimer’s.  The earlier you correct mild memory loss and the hesitation to find the right words, the easier it is to fix it.  Waiting until you have memory loss or dementia or Alzheimer’s obviously is more difficult to treat but DHA can certainly help.  It can prevent the deterioration of the brain membranes from environmental toxins and it can prevent amyloid toxicity which is a known cause of Alzheimer’s. Lion’s Mane mushroom may be able to dissolve amyloid plaque which is noteworthy.

It is important to avoid calcium channel blockers such as Norvasc, diltiazem and Calan which have been proven according to Dr Rogers to shrink the brain within 5 years.  Statins are also dangerous to the brain and proven to promote Alzheimer’s.   Fortunately, brain membrane can be repaired but the sooner the better!

DHA works as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and is even able to reverse some of the neurodegenerative process.  A good starting point for reversing brain aging is Cod Liver Oil along with a DHA supplement such as Nordic Naturals  Tocotrienols by Carlson are also reported to be beneficial for brain support and much safer than statins.  Phosphytidal Choline works well with DHA too.

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