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The Toxicity of Glyphosate, part 3


Last month I discussed how glyphosate is wreaking havoc on the planet as well as the devastating effects of glyphosate on our health. Read here. This month I will cover what can be done to stop the use of glyphosate and how we can rid the body of glyphosate.


What can we do to protect ourselves from glyphosate exposure? The top priority is to get it banned in the US and worldwide. Stop ingesting glyphosate. Spread the word. Contact your representatives. If we can get one state to ban glyphosate it could be a domino effect. Stop buying Roundup for your yard and garden. Tell the big box stores and hardware stores to stop selling Roundup or any product containing glyphosate.


Even if we banned glyphosate today, people would experience the fallout for generations to come. The good news is that glyphosate can be removed from the body. Choose organic foods. It is said that glyphosate in the body drops 70% after 6 days on a 100% organic diet. Non-GMO foods are not good enough because there are no guarantees crops have not been treated pre-harvest.


Stephanie Seneff states that apple cider vinegar contains an enzyme that can break down glyphosate. Fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kim chi and kombucha can breakdown glyphosate because of their sulphur content. Heal the gut with beneficial bacteria.


If you eat oats, choose organic. Even though oats are not genetically modified, they are sprayed as a desiccant before they are harvested. According to a report in 2018, glyphosate was present in 43 of 45 samples made with conventionally grown oats. Read labels carefully. If you see soy, corn, cottonseed, barley, and sugar beets on a label, you know it contains glyphosate, unless it is organic.


Meat that is not grassfed and pastured contains glyphosate because of the feed. Choose 100% organic cotton if you wear cotton clothing. Protect your pets by avoiding glyphosate exposure. Beneficial supplements are also helpful. Glutathione and vitamin C are important antioxidants for the liver and the blood.


Charcoal can absorb glyphosate and other toxins. Chlorine dioxide, also known as MMS, contains natural molecules that can clear glyphosate from the body. Ozone therapy may also clear glyphosate.


Consider the words of Don Huber, PhD., Purdue University, who said “How willing are we to sacrifice our children and future generations for this massive genetic engineering experiment that is based on flawed science.”


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Sources for this 3 part series and for your further education: “Toxic Legacy” by Stephanie Seneff, Jeffrey Smith with the Institute for Responsible Technology, the Organic Consumers Association, the Environmental Working Group, the Center for Food Safety, Children’s Health Defense,, Mom’s Across America, and various influencers on Twitter.

The information provided in this newsletter has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. It is not a substitute for the advice of a qualified health care practitioner.

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Today's Store Hours: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

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