Natural Remedies You Need to Know About

On a daily basis we hear of new trends and fads that are swarming the nation. Some work well and others seem to die off. One thing we do know is that natural remedies have stuck around and there is a reason why!

Natural remedies such as coconut oils for skin and bone health or lavender for sleeping aids have overcome the trends and have become essentials for people all over the world. Such remedies have supplemented medicines because of their health benefits and lack of harmful side effects.

For gut health, many have begun using Kimchi, Kombucha, and Tempeh. All of which help fill your body with probiotics aiding in a healthier digestive system. Kimchi is a staple for Korean cuisine. It helps provide your body with an extra immune system boost while also serving as a great source of Fiber. Kombucha not only provides healthy bacteria to the body, it also aids in decreasing inflammation and can result in healthy weight loss. Tempeh is a flavorful addition to your diet and provides a boost for your bone health while also helping to balance your cholesterol, keeping your heart healthy. A healthy gut is crucial in day-to-day life and too many people go through their daily routines without one, don’t let that be you!

Skin health may not be the first thing that comes to mind when we consider our body’s overall balance. However, skin health is extremely important! Natural remedies such as Coconut Oils, Tea Tree Oils, and Avocado Oils give our skin the healthy boost it needs but also provides beneficial nutrients to our bones. Coconut Oil gives our skin the natural ingredients it needs to keep it moisturized. Unlike many other oils, Coconut Oil has no adverse side effects when applied to the skin. Often, many of our regular skin and haircare products have Coconut Oil built in because of its many years of proven benefits. Another way you can fight off dry skin is to use Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oils are known for their treatment of acne and other skin related imbalances. Additionally, a benefit of using Tea Tree Oil is that the properties of such oil help fight off bad bacteria and fungus. Finally, Avocado Oil is one that those suffering with joint pain or high cholesterol often find benefits from. Arthritis patients have found that the properties in Avocado Oil help decrease inflammation in the joints providing them with relief from pain. Additionally, Avocado Oil is high in Oleic Acid which provides your body with healthy fats making for a healthy balance in cholesterol.

Most all of us struggle with sleeping from time to time. Doctors and friends alike often advise us to steer clear of medical aids for sleeping. However, that won’t help us address our problems with sleep quality. So what will? Natural remedies such as Lavender, meditation and essential oils can help! Lavender smells fantastic and is aesthetically pleasing, but did you know the properties found in Lavender help reduce stress as well as boost sleep quality. It’s true! How may ask?! Lavender reduces our bodies tendencies to host restlessness and anxieties giving a peaceful balance to our body. Sleep quality and length have also been boosted by such properties. Sleep quality often directly results in the feeling of exhaustion or drowsiness. One way you can improve your sleep quality is by dedicating time to daily meditation. Meditation reduces stressful thoughts and anxieties which directly improves the quality of the Melatonin released to the body before your nightly sleep routine. Melatonin is the body’s key to gaining a quality night’s sleep as it is one of the most important neurochemicals that is circulated through the body. Finally, a cocktail of essential oils such as Lavender, Juniper and others provide your body the same natural balance to find a peaceful sleep. A benefit of essential oils is that you can create the combination that suits your body best.

In all, keeping a healthy balanced body is crucial to maintaining your overall health and length of life. Yur body benefits from the use of natural remedies mentioned above, by helping to handle ailments without adding unnecessary medications. Take more time to research into these remedies and find what may suit your body to give it the natural boost it needs!

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