Locally Sourced, Beyond the Label

Today, we are seeing increased interest and demand for locally grown and produced goods, especially in the areas of food and beverages. What’s the reason for this increased demand? Honestly, it’s hard to identify just one because there are many benefits that come with local sourcing. Local partnership is more than just a trend; they are an important step towards sustainability for people, the environment, and our economy.

One of the most common reasons consumers go after locally sourced products is their desire for an authentic, quality food experience with fresh and healthy ingredients. When purchasing local food, you can enjoy the transparency you don’t have otherwise. You have more access to the information on where your food came from, how it was grown, and how it was processed.

An example of this would be our local partner Simpson Family Farms. They provide us with forest-raised pork and 100% grass-fed beef, which our customers feel confident buying. For seven generations, their farm has been a source of pride for the family, and they’re now committed to providing an “authentic” food experience that goes beyond what any certification can verify. They raise their animals free from vaccines, antibiotics, GMOs, and confined living quarters, ensuring to deliver high quality products in the most authentic way possible.

Aside from knowing exactly where your food comes from, locally sourced products spend less time in transportation and sitting in inventory, so you are more likely to enjoy more fresh products. Also, local partnerships help to shorten the supply chain. As a result, fuel emissions that come from the transportation process are cut down, oftentimes significantly. So not only do locally sourced goods make it to you more quickly, they spend less time on trucks in transportation, which greatly benefits the environment.

Another big reason to shop or source locally is that it strengthens the relationships between all participants including farmers, manufacturers, distributors (restaurants or markets), consumers, and more. The participants are able to build stronger networks with each other and better meet local preferences, creating a strong, valued community presence. There is also a sense of pride when you buy products from the people and companies you know are from your own town or state. Not only are you enjoying great products, but you’re helping to support the communities you’re a part of. Your choice to consume locally sourced goods makes more impact than it may seem.

Georgetown Market’s locally sourced goods range from meat, produce, and dairy products to skincare, CBD products, prepared foods, and much more. We value our local partners’ transparency, quality, and business ethics, which lead to your improved health and growth in our economy. To learn more about our partnerships and where our products come from, click here.

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