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We love our Local Vendors! February’s Local Vendor of the Month is SPICEKICK. Michelle Dudash, RDN, is the founder of Spicekick® Seasoning Mix, a Cordon-Bleu Certified Chef, and author of the top-selling books Clean Eating for Busy Families), and The Low-Carb Mediterranean Cookbook. Dudash created Spicekick (formerly called Dash Dinners) in 2019 because of her personal need for quick, nutritious meal solutions for her and her family and knew it could help other families as well. As the owner of the culinary nutrition communications firm, Chef Dudash      Nutrition, she has been creating cookbooks and writing consumer recipes for two decades. Creating Spicekick helps to expand her mission of providing easy, healthy meal solutions. Spicekick is unique to  other seasoning mixes because it is gluten-free and contains no added sugar or fillers. Made exclusively with real-food ingredients like dried herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables with just a touch of sea salt, Spicekick makes you feel like you’re really making the dish yourself, but with the help of a trusted recipe and pre-measured seasoning. Seven flavors: Taco, Tuna Salad, Tikka Masala, Stir-fry Lettuce Wraps, Sloppy Joe, Curry & Chili. SALE 15% OFF!

Spicekick is 100% women-owned. Spicekick is made in the Indianapolis area and is Indiana-Grown certified. More info: www.spiceckick.com