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We love our Local Vendors! Our March Local Vendor of the Month is Ocean’s Garden Gel. Founder David Williams began making sea moss gels and smoothies in the mid-1990’s in Brooklyn NY.  “I was introduced to sea moss gel by Jarobi White and Malik “Phife” Taylor, from A Tribe Called Quest fame. I was immediately shocked by how nourished, hydrated and subtly energized I was, after only a few sips. I learned how to make sea moss gels and smoothies over the next few years and enjoyed sharing them with family and friends! Around 1997, there was a burgeoning vegan community in Brooklyn, and we all went to weekly discussions and Q&A’s hosted by Dr. Sebi. His findings led me to embrace an alkaline-based diet and to focus on how many ailments can be treated through diet.

After many years of making gels and smoothies, I decided that it was time to approach the retail market with sea moss gels. I was extremely fortunate in meeting with the Georgetown Market team and launching in 2019. Ocean’s Garden Sea Moss Gel has 92 of the 102 minerals of which we are all composed. Our Bladderwrak and Burdock root blend has the remaining 10 minerals, completing the profile. Sea Moss also has great anti-inflammatory, digestive, thyroid and blood pressure-related benefits. I live in a perpetual state of development and am looking forward to bringing some exciting new products to you all very soon!” SALE 10% OFF!