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We LOVE our local vendors! Our May Local Vendor is SoChatti Chocolates. SoChatti was started in Indianapolis by Matt Rubin when his wife received a report stating she had a dairy allergy. Given her love for chocolate, she was devastated at the thought of never eating chocolate again. Matt then decided to get to work on finding a solution to their problem, resulting in SoChatti. On their quest for dairy-free chocolate, Matt discovered a technology that unlocked chocolate’s flavor unlike anything he had ever tried before. SoChatti Chocolate is crafted with just three ingredients: cacao nibs, organic sugar cane, and organic cacao butter. This means SoChatti is dairy-free, vegan, soy-free, and gluten-free. They only purchase responsibly sourced cacao from farms around the world that practice organic farming from 4 regions: Tanzania, Columbia, Honduras & Peru. SoChatti is neither bitter nor sweet, so you can maximize the flavor to its fullest. SoChatti will instantly transport your taste buds to the world of true flavor and the purest chocolate experience. Try all four flavors of SoChatti Chocolates on SALE! For more information: www.sochatti.com