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We love our local vendors! Our August local vendor of the month is Red Hawk Botanicals from Indianapolis. Red Hawk Botanicals was created in 1983 by owner Bonnie Schaller which unfolded from her lifelong love of nature, plants, and the Healing Arts. Her Red Hawk Salve contains 22 organic herbs effective for anything topical. Her Jewel Weed Salve is excellent for poison ivy, oak, sumac, bites, stings, burns and more. You may use both salves on your pets as well!  “It’s my pleasure sharing Mother Nature’s gifts of goodness and wonderment with all who come in contact with my salves. Jewel Weed Salve was born from a request of a Georgetown Market employee and customers many years ago!” shares Bonnie. Try these clean, pure organic remedies from Mother Nature to heal topical skin ailments including poison ivy. 10% OFF this month! $11.99 each