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6 Creative Ways to Use Essential Oils in Your Home


Essential oils have many benefits for your health and relaxation and also have several applications for everyday use in your home. With pure, organic oils, you can toss out those harsh cleaning chemicals and replace them with safer, healthier and delightfully aromatic solutions.

Essential oils are “pure” in that they are developed from flowers, herbs, and other plants and are aimed at soothing our spirits while also cleaning and freshening our bodies and homes. Because essential oils include no chemicals and are completely organic, you can use them every day in your home. Essential oils are perfect for many applications—including bathing, incense, cleaning, dental care, and even cooking.

Another perk of opting for oils rather than chemicals is that they are safe to use around your pets, making them a safe alternative to the other harsh chemicals and pet deodorizers available on the market.

Here are a few examples of how to start using essential oils in your everyday life:

Stinky shoes- (1)

  1. Freshen your trash cans. The indoor ones stay fairly clean, but I dropped a few drops of Citronella oil in my outdoor bins. This deters flies and helps the minimize the foul smell!
  2. A diluted mix of lemon oil will freshen any bathroom or kitchen. Lemon smells great and helps to combat germs at the same time!
  3. Infusing shoes with Lavender oil will help to improve the smell of your feet as well as your closet.
  4. A few drops of Lavender oil in your laundry will freshen your clothing safely and naturally.
  5. Peppermint oil can help to keep away mice and ants. Apply oils on windowsills and countertops to disrupt scent trails.
  6. Lavender oil and baking soda works as a great carpet deodorizer. Let the mixture sit for a bit and then vacuum it up.

Essential oils are amazing because they are natural, meaning you can use them for almost anything. Aside from traditional aroma-therapy type uses, essential oils have a plethora of uses around your home, which is one of the many reasons the essential oil craze is here to stay!

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