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Why Have Thyroid Cancer Rates Tripled?


Between 1975 and 2013, the number of thyroid cancer cases diagnosed yearly more than tripled.  Thyroid cancer rates are rising faster than any other cancer in the US.  More than 60,000 Americans are diagnosed each year according to the National Cancer Institute.

What is causing this?  Some say it is due to improvements in detecting thyroid cancer.  Others point to rising obesity rates (also have tripled).  Another possible contributor is the exposure to a group of chemicals known as polybrominated dephenyl ethers (PBDEs).  These compounds are found in the environment, as well as in our food and homes.  PBDEs are found in flame-retardant chemicals used in clothing, furniture, mattresses, car interiors, electronics, and phones.  These PBDEs belong to the bromide family of halogens which just happen to compete at the cell receptor site with iodine.  Remember, iodine is present in each cell of our body so we know it is imperative to have sufficient levels yet we know that approximately 85% of adults in the US do not have the recommended iodine levels.

Other sources of bromides that are affecting our health are pesticides, some bread products, vegetable oils that are brominated, certain asthma inhalers and prescription drugs, plastic products, some personal care products such as toothpaste and some fabric dyes.

The toxicity of bromides effect our thyroid, skin, mental conditions, hearing, and kidneys.  Iodine related bromide symptoms are very extensive.  Iodine is a known anti-cancer mineral.

So why have thyroid cancer rates tripled?  My opinion clearly points to the extensive exposure to the above listed bromides.  Other iodine experts agree.  What is the solution?  Reducing our exposure to the bromides and supplement with the correct form of iodine.  For more information please contact me at or ask our Natural Living staff.

Richard S Montieth

Founder and Co-Owner

Rick has been the back bone of this business since it was born in 1973. His extensive knowledge has made him the number one favorite of customers and employees alike. Joined by his two sons, Brett and Andrew, Rick enjoys helping customers with their health and wellness needs and contributing to the health of the community.

Today's Store Hours: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

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