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cell salts

A common misconception in homeopathy surrounds cell salts. Because of the way they are packaged, cell salts, also known as Schuessler’s tissue salts, are often thought of as not homeopathic substances.  In actuality, cell salts are a sub-category of homeopathy that encompasses minerals. There are twelve cell salts which are typically sold as tissue salt #1 through #12. These are powerful medicines used to treat specific conditions. They follow the same homeopathic manufacturing principles, methods of administration, and rationale for their use as other homeopathic medicines.

Cell salts are made from solids, so they must be first triturated, or ground to a fine powder. Many people incorrectly believe that a cell salt is only a cell salt when it is prepared in the 3rd, 6th or 12th potency. Not true. On our shelf, we sell Nat Mur in a 30C potency. Nat Mur is one of the 12 tissue salts but may be sold in various potencies.  Regardless of the potency, Nat Mur is a cell salt. The twelve tissue salts we sell are sold in the 6x potency. We also sell a combination of all twelve tissue salts, called Bioplasma by Hyland’s.

A cell salt is always a cell salt, no matter the potency or form.  They are not only an excellent gateway for newcomers getting started in homeopathy, but they also remain an ever-effective homeopathic medicine no matter how educated you become.

For further information about cell salts, please see one of our Natural Living associates. For further reading, consider Dr. Skye Weintraub’s book titled, Natural Healing with Cell Salts. One important attribute of cell salts is they do not produce unwanted side effects, conflict with other medicines, and are non-addictive. Even babies and small children can take them with complete safety.  For any questions, please email me at

Richard S Montieth

Founder and Co-Owner

Rick has been the back bone of this business since it was born in 1973. His extensive knowledge has made him the number one favorite of customers and employees alike. Joined by his two sons, Brett and Andrew, Rick enjoys helping customers with their health and wellness needs and contributing to the health of the community.

Today's Store Hours: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Juice Bar & Eatery: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm