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THE SUN IS OUT! – The Badger Company was started when the founder needed help with his chapped hands, caused by the cold New Hampshire winters.  Badger Balm was so popular they expanded to develop sunscreen, bug repellants and other body care products.  This stuff is seriously effective, Non GMO, biodegradable and cruelty free. Badger sunscreens are made with mineral zinc oxide and are UVA and UVB broad spectrum.  Pick up your Badger sunscreen while it’s on sale.  The Badger Sport Stick is 35spf and water resistant for 80 minutes.  Really handy to keep in a purse or your pocket.  Available in cream, spray or stick, $8.49—$13.59

EATING BUGS – With more and more people going vegan and vegetarian, the need for high sources of complete protein is increasing daily.  80% of countries around the world now have insects on the menu.  Crickets are a healthy, delicious, sustainable form of protein, a complete protein high in iron and B12 with twice as much protein as beef.   When compared to beef, crickets need minimal resources, only 8% of the feed and water that cows do and emit negligible greenhouse gases.  Join the revolution and try a Chula Bar.
Four delicious flavors: original; peanut butter & chocolate, Thai; coconut, ginger & lime, Matcha with goji and nori and Aztec; dark chocolate, coffee and cayenne.  On sale now for $3.19

CEYMONE’s MOM – We believe in supporting our staff in any way we can.  Ceymone works in our grocery department.  Her Mom makes the most delicious Kale salad we’ve tasted.  Her company, Turquois Forest is a local start-up.  Healthy and clean, her ‘Emerald Green Kale Salad’ makes a perfect snack or side to any meal.  Ingredients are Kale, onions, natural herbs & spices and jewel dressing and your choice of cranberries or sundried tomatoes.  Priced per pound.

EATERY – Vegan Beet Cupcake, made in-house.  Check this out….Cupcakes made with beets and cocoa powder, with a Chocolate Ganache center with a hint of red sea salt.  These jewels are vegan and gluten-free.  $1.99 each.  Do yourself a favor!

SUPPLEMENTS – Acure Organic Baby Products  Bare Baby and Yummy Baby 4-IN-1, bubble bath, shampoo, body wash and handsoap.  Acure Organics are cruelty free and free from all the yucky chemicals!  Also available…Yummy Baby and Bare Baby lotion, and Baby Buns diaper cream. $9.99—10.99

GROCERY – Rumble Supershakes,  Owner Paul put on his apron to develop this super nutritional drink to boost his own well-being and to help fight his genetic  lung disease.  20gms protein, 3100mg Omega 3’s, 8gms fiber and 400 mg calcium.  Available in Coffee Bean, Vanilla Maple and Dutch Cocoa.  Rumble donates 1% of all profit to help fight world hunger.  $3.99 12fl oz.

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