What’s New September 2018 (mid-month)

RawMio Chocolate Bars — Our unique nib-to-bar process begins with the finest organic, fair-trade, single-origin cacao sourced directly from Peru, mineral-rich coconut sugar, and luscious raw cacao butter stone ground at low temperatures.  Our signature low temperature stone grinding process ensures that heat sensitive nutrients such as antioxidant flavonols, as well as the vast array of mood-boosting compounds found in cacao, remain intact for your maximum nourishment.  Dark Chocolate, Mint and Orange $2.49

Buzzy’s Musical Toothbrush — It’s an electric toothbrush that sings a two minute song while you brush.  3 Years + (adults can use this too!) Super gentle rotary action, super soft dupont nylon bristles, BPA, PVC & Phthalate Free (Of Course!), replaceable head, freestanding for hygiene, Sing along with Buzzy’s original instructional song! 3 modes with memory function means that Buzzy will revert to the setting used previously. $18.39/reg. $22.99

Medlee Seasoned Butters combine delicious flavoring with  high quality butter.  Use as a saute starter or finishing flavor.  Or just spread it on some crusty bread and enjoy.  Medlee Seasoned Butter combines delicious flavoring with  unsalted butter in perfectly-portioned medallions. Lemon Herb, Basil Pesto and Garlic Parm in the refrigerated section.  $3.69

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