What’s New? OCTOBER 2022

ROOT & REVELRY CRAFT SODA COMPANY is a small, family-owned and operated business and knows what it means to work hard, take time, and do things from start to finish. “Every time you grab a can of Root & Revelry Craft Soda, we are personally passing on a piece of who we are, and the fruits of our labor, straight from the heart. Root & Revelry Craft Soda is small-batch brewed soda, carefully crafted with all real ingredients. So, what’s in the can? We start out by carefully sourcing and selecting our ingredients. Because we use ALL REAL ingredients, our batches can have small variations in flavor. We are committed to using NO corn syrup or artificial sweeteners, NO chemically derived flavors or colors, and NO preservatives! You will find only REAL cane sugar, REAL fruit juices and zests, REAL colors from the fruits themselves, and REAL hard work, care, and passion inside! Instead of one-note flavored sodas, we want to give you flavor combinations that are complex and interesting. We are focused on bringing a high-quality product that showcases our integrity. We small-batch brew our sodas to allow the ingredients to really meld together into something unique. We won’t compromise on artificial processes; we use REAL ingredients, because “natural,” doesn’t necessarily mean real anymore. Let us show you what a REAL soda tastes like!” For more info, go to www.rootandrevelrycraftsoda.com. These are not your parent’s sodas—these rock!  $2.99/7 Flavors


Introducing new lines from SUKIN NATURALS for your face, hair and body! Sukin Naturals believe that “home is where the heart is, and Sukin Naturals is born and bred in Australia. That’s why it’s so important for us to look after the land, like it looks after us. Everything we need to nourish our bodies can be found in nature. So, at SUKIN, that’s what we use. NO to a long list of synthetic chemicals. NO harm to our animal friends. NO hidden surprises. NO compromises on results. And NO bells and whistles for the sake of them. We only use ingredients from nature that are good for you, your wallet, and the environment too.

At Sukin, we are committed to delivering the perfect balance of naturalness, affordability, and safety, to as many people as we can the world over. ​Sukin products are 98.8% naturally derived–the difference is how we keep our naturally derived ingredients safe for your use.” For more info, go to www.sukinnaturals.com. Help your hair and skin to look and feel better with Sukin Naturals! SALE on selected items including their Brightening, Sensitive and Rosehip lines!


Treat yourself to one of the most exciting foods of our time and enjoy the benefits of new health, and new energy—SHARE-ORIGINAL® Fermented Japanese Plums! Fermentation means preservation using a controlled structure of valuable enzymes and microorganisms. This centuries-old process has been revived with modern technology and turns the Share-Original® plum into a real “superfood.” The freshly harvested fruit is fermented for at least 30 months and coated with selected herbs. The released healthy enzymes and microorganisms are particularly valuable for human organisms. Other fermented foods with which you are probably familiar are Sauerkraut, Kimchi, or Miso. There is a sense of satisfaction knowing that you’re indulging in something that is not only pleasing to the taste but nourishing your digestive health at the same time. Welcome to the world of Share-Original®! These are very potent so follow the directions as a little goes a long way. Ease your way to good health with Share-Originals! For more info:  https://tinyurl.com/ycye4cm9

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