What’s New October 2017 (mid-month)

King Arthur Essential Goodness Cupcake & Frosting Mix

  • No hydrogenated oils, no artificial colors or flavors, no corn syrup, and no preservatives
  • Makes 6 cupcakes with frosting
  • Sourced Non-GMO and Certified Kosher
  • For each Essential Goodness mix purchased, King Arthur Flour will donate the cost for Feeding America to supply 1 meal through its network of local food banks
  • Malted Milk and Coconut, $6.49ea


Q Energy – All Natural Sport Performance and Healthy Energy Drinks made with Quercetin

  • Q Energy features Quercetin, a naturally occurring compound found in fruit and vegetables. Quercetin improves healthy energy, supports the immune system and offers anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine relief at only 15 calories from organic cane sugar, with no artificial ingredients and very low caffeine, Q Energy is thehealthy energy drink.
  • Q Energy comes in convenient single serve dry powder stickpacks which minimizes our environmental footprint and maximize usability. Shake it up in a reusable bottle for healthy energy when you work out or when you go to work, for early mornings or after late nights. Q Energy delivers health, energy and performance. Orange and Wildberry, $18.99/10pak or $2.19 Single Serve.

Patagonia Bee Products–Honey, like wine, carries vastly different aromas and flavors depending on its botanical origin. Our honey comes from bees who visit flowering trees native to the Patagonian rainforest, such as Ulmo, Tiaca, and Tineo, which impart unbelievably floral properties on the honey. We love seeing how people react when they first experience our honey, and some of our favorite reactions include “I smell flowers” and “I feel like I’m tasting the rainforest.” Raw Ulmo, Raw Tineo and Rainforest honey, $14.99/6oz

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