What’s New May 2018 (mid-month)

100 % Natural Spray Olive Oil 
Fratelli Mantova presents their newest addition to their fine collection of olive oils, a 100% natural extra virgin olive oil in a convenient spray bottle that is designed to perfectly preserve the taste, aroma and healthful attributes of the olive oil. Mantova 100% Natural Spray Olive Oil is excellent for cooking or for seasoning foods. Regular, Ginger and Turmeric Sprays available. $6.99 each

AcroAma Blends is a family-owned and operated small business producing handcrafted seasoning mixes from sea salt and select non-irradiated spices high in essential oils and botanical compounds. Our gourmet seasonings have been created by award-winning Master Chef and are of the finest quality–made from 100% organic ingredients and completely free of GMO’s, added fillers, flow agents, anti-caking agents, and color preservatives.

AcroAma Blends® is a Certified Green Business by the Green Business Association and the Green America Business Network. Caribbean, Louisiana, Tex-Mex, Northern Europe, Mediterranean, Mid-Eastern. $7.99 each

We think that beets and sauerkraut are a tangy-sweet match made in heaven. Our Beet Sauerkraut is made the old fashioned way, with just salt and water made in season and packed straight from local fields. Enjoy Cook’s Pantry Beet Sauerkraut on just about anything! It pairs well with grilled meat, chicken or tofu. $5.99 24oz.

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