What’s New May 2017 (Mid-Month)

Knudsen—Organic Tomato Red Bell Pepper Juice

An organic blend from concentrates. Sometimes it’s hard to keep fresh fruits and vegetables on hand. But shelf-stable juices let you enjoy fruits and vegetables anytime. Just keep it on your shelf, ready to refresh whenever you want!  $4.69/32oz.

Good Karma—Our Dairy-free yogurts come with the power of plant-based protein, all mixed up in a creamy, rich yogurt that also delivers omega-3 and 7 gut-boosting live and active cultures.  Vanilla and Blueberry, $2.19/6oz.

Beetnik is an Austin, Texas-based organic food company. We focus on foods that pair the timeless tradition of high quality ingredients with the conveniences of modern life, namely frozen ready-made meals and sauces. All of our foods are gluten-free and made with organic, humanely raised grass fed beef or chicken.  Thai style Grass Fed Beef with Coconut Rice and Chicken Meatballs $5.99ea

Base Culture—When Jordann Windschauer started her 30-day Paleo challenge in 2012, it changed her life. Physical fatigue, mental stress, and sleepless nights disappeared, but her sweet tooth remained. Despite her efforts, she couldn’t find any delicious, truly Paleo baked goods, so she stepped up to the challenge. Individually wrapped, Nutty Pumpkin, Sweet Banana Bread & Almond Butter Brownie, $2.49—$3.19

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