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Get all the benefits of local honey plus fresh ginger, lemon, sage, turmeric in one delicious drink! Hardwood Honey’s Elixir is strong enough to drink straight, over ice, or mixed with a paring spirit. It’s like drinking sunshine on a cloudy day! Local-grown, hand-foraged, small batch. Sale $3.49/8oz


Polyphenols are powerful, health-supporting antioxidants found in a variety of rainbow-colored foods like fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs. They’re a big part of why eating a diet rich in healthy, colorful foods is so important. Polyphenols offer support for heart, liver, brain, blood sugar, respiratory, DNA protection, nerves & skin. Health experts state that getting 1,000 mg of polyphenols from fruits and vegetables every day can support vibrant health. But many people struggle to meet this goal. Polyphenol Defense by Terry Naturally can help. It delivers 250 mg of some of the world’s most powerful polyphenols in every capsule. Nutrients for healthy aging and optimal well-being in Polyphenol Defense are Green Tea Extract, Apple Extract, EP300™ Propolis, BCM-95® Curcumin, & French Grape Seed Extract. Get this powerful one-a-day immune booster on sale today! $31.99/60


Sojourn Coffee Company is an artisanal coffee roaster located in Columbus, Indiana. They provide customers with the finest quality, organic, roasted coffees at their peak of freshness. High-quality beans are imported from around the world and roasted right here in Indiana. Each coffee highlights the unique and distinctive characteristics to its region. Enjoy the aroma and smooth, full-bodied flavor of Sojourn Coffee. 5 flavors. $14.99/12oz

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