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Terry Naturally Clinical Essentials Immune Chewable

 This chewable tablet features a powerful blend of 6 carefully selected vitamins and minerals in the best forms to help nourish the foundation of your immune system. It’s the perfect choice for anyone who has difficulty swallowing capsules or tablets. Clinical Essentials Immune Chewable delivers meaningful levels of vitamins and minerals in preferred forms for incredible support and strength:

  • Vitamin A in the retinol form helps you get a consistent level of support for immune system strength.
  • Vitamin C is a critical component for healthy immune function.
  • Vitamin D3 is the form your body already makes, and research suggests that sufficient vitamin D levels support more robust immune systems, so this nutrient is crucial.
  • Vitamin E is more than just one compound. This formula provides the entire family of vitamin E tocopherols for its full immune-supporting potential.
  • Selenium in the yeast form included in this supplement is clinically studied and readily utilized by the body to strengthen your immune function.
  • Zinc supports white blood cell activity for immune function, supports lung capacity, and is a required nutrient for the thymus gland, a critical organ of the immune system.

A great way to boost your immune system! One daily. Sale $23.99/60

Dave’s Killer Breads

    Our commitment to uncompromising taste, texture, and quality is what makes Dave’s Killer Bread different. It’s what makes it the Best Bread in the Universe. It’s what makes it America’s #1 Organic Bread. But we do more than just bake killer bread. Dave’s story of turning his life around inspires us every day to look beyond someone’s past, to see their potential. That’s why we are a proud Second Chance Employer. We hire the best person for the job, regardless of criminal history. We have witnessed first-hand that someone’s past does not define their future, and that sometimes giving someone a chance is all they need to become a Good Seed. We carry 7 varieties. $4.99-$5.99

Allergy Research Liposomal C

Micro Liposomal C is an advanced liposome form of vitamin C, using only pure ingredients: European Non-GMO vitamin C, and soy-free essential phospholipids from Non-GMO sunflower lecithin. Micro Liposomal C provides a liposomal delivery system 2 to 8 times smaller than other vitamin C liposome products. Micro Liposomal C freely pours as a liquid and tastes great. The liposomal delivery may help escort the enclosed vitamin C into cells and tissues. This advanced delivery system also avoids the colonic distress that can occur with high oral doses of vitamin C. $29.99

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