What’s New March 2019 (mid-month)

Roland Noodles – Lo Mein noodles made in the traditional manner from organic whole wheat flour and sea salt. This oriental noodle has a firm, (but not chewy) texture when cooked. Delicious in all your favorite recipes. Certified Organic with zero trans fat. Lo Mein, Udon and Soba, $1.99 thru March, reg. $2.49

Imagine Chicken, Beef, and Turkey Bone Broth – A delicious sipping broth to give you a nutritious boost to your day with a good source of protein. Made with a combination of Chicken, Beef, and Turkey, it’s slightly richer than Chicken and can be used as a substitute for meat-based broth in sauces for a richer flavor. $4.99, 32ozChicken

Pure Liquid Glycerin Body Wash – vegetable, unscented, pH adjusted for hands, face, hair, bath or shower. A gentle soap; recommended for those who like to wash their hands often. The bottle floats making it excellent for docks, boats or anywhere near water. Unscented – suggested for highly allergic and sensitive skin. $15.99 32oz.

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