What’s New March 2017

Spiceologist Spice Rubs — Spiceologist in Spokane, Washington brings us this delightful line of their most popular spice rubs, great for your favorite meats and more, and perfect for grilling season.  Habanero, Blackened Cajun, Chili Lime, Mediterranean Greek and Thai Peanut   $3.49/reg. $5.99

Kitchfix Grain-free Granola–Chef Josh wanted to develop a snack that his clients could always have on-hand when they were craving something delicious and filling. What he created was a snack full of all the best, nutritious parts of granola, like quality nuts and seeds, but which left out all the fillers. People went wild for this homemade recipe – sweet, salty and craveable!  $9.94/10oz

  • Honey Pecan
  • Vanilla Berry
  • Cocoa Sea Salt

Birch Benders Pancake & Waffle Mix — “We spent over a year developing our recipes and another 6 months testing every variety of each ingredient double blind.  Spring wheats and winter wheats, golden flax and brown flax, every possible variant was analyzed to ensure the best taste possible.”  Classic, Chocolate chip, Protein, Paleo and Gluten free. $4.19/reg. $5.99

Turmeric Boost — Whole-Body support in every glass

  • Turmeric plus extracts to support your health*
  • Turmeric & Black Pepper extracts for better absorption*
  • Delicious and easy to mix in

Available in Sport, Restore and Uplift, reg. $34.99   –  20% off in March


Fresh Frozen Wheat Grass Shots—packaged right her at Georgetown Market!  Can’t make it in every day?   These organic shots are quickly thawed and ready to go!  6, 1oz  shots per package, $11.99 Did we say they are Organic?

Fermenti Garden Kraut This is our most nutrient dense ferment! Toss one tablespoon of Garden Kraut with salad greens and olive oil to make the base of a delicious salad. One small scoop on a veal burger or a grilled cheese sandwich can literally make your lunch become alive, teaming with active digestive enzymes.” $9.99/16oz

• Handcrafted
• Nutrient Dense
• No Added Sugar or Vinegar
• Raw, Never Heated/Pasteurized
• Probiotic, Promotes Digestive Health and Immune Function

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