What’s New June 2019

True Kimchi–The company is aptly named, as its founder, Samantha Yim, was born in Seoul, South Korea, and raised in the country until she was 10 years old. “I got to watch my mom make kimchi about once a year, and I was sort of the taste tester, which meant I was eating a lot of kimchi. An excellent source of probiotics, our kimchi is unpasteurized and therefore alive with beneficial bacteria for that good gut!” Kimchi, fermented vegetables, is a traditional side dish in Korean cuisine. Its probiotics are derived from the natural process of lacto-fermentation in the salted vegetables. Kimchi also contains high levels of vitamin A, B, and C, as well as antioxidants.

Spicy Napa, Vegan Spicy Napa, Mild Napa and Radish, $7.99 9oz

Stasher, the self-sealing, airtight, non-plastic bag is made of pure platinum silicone, so it’s a healthy alternative that’s safe for people and the planet. But best of all, stasher can do so much more than plastic bags and containers. It can be used in the freezer, microwave and dishwasher! Today, Stasher has become a leader in the plastic-free movement, fueled by a powerful grassroots following and passionate employees. “Our team thrives on progress, and we never lose sight of the big picture: To design a plastic-free world with consumer choices at the center. Our secret sauce as a team — we have fun doing work that has real impact!”

Snack, Sandwich and ½ gallon sizes, $8.99 – $17.99

Traders Point Creamery is back—Back in stock are quart size whole milk and whole milk chocolate.  The best part is if you return your bottle you receive a $2 rebate.  “We strongly believe that cows raised on a 100% grass fed diet and free to roam in the pasture produce one of the most healthful, nutritionally complete foods known to man: milk. Taste just how delicious “healthy” can be!”

Whole Milk $6.49 qt, Chocolate Milk $6.99 qt.

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