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What are AMORANTO Amaranth Wafers? These delicious, crunchy, healthy, and sugar-free amaranth wafers are made with natural, vegan, organic, and gluten-free ingredients. Amaranto Wafers are crafted in Mexico by artisanal bakers whose mission is to bring you crispy texture and a variety of different tastes. Our bakers select the finest ingredients for our delicate wafers and bake them to perfection and obtain a light and crisp wafer. Amaranth is a superfood, a complete protein with 9 essential amino acids, and is high in protein and fiber. No sugar! No artificial ingredients. Each packet contains 60 wafers (9 Flavors) and has only ONE calorie per wafer! Great for kids and adults alike! $5.29



ROSITA is a family company born in the remote areas of northern Norway, with husband-wife duo Bengt Svensson and Kari Hanne Nyland at the visionary helm. Their ethos is to work with nature to create the highest-quality, health-giving fish liver oils available. This can only mean wild-caught, raw — and completely unprocessed. Their flagship product, Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil, is derived from abundant codfish in the pristine Norwegian fjords. The oil is released from the livers using an ancient, natural method, that requires no heat or mechanical devices. So, the delicate fatty acids and naturally-occurring vitamins remain robust and intact. This type of cod liver oil is nearly impossible to achieve with the standard process used by major brands (where heavy refining strips the oils of most of their nutrients). Rosita devotes particular attention to gentle extraction, opting for small batches. Their family’s mission is to provide sustainable, pure, and unadulterated whole supplements to support people throughout their health journeys. The old-time Norwegian fishermen in the Rosita family are incredibly knowledgeable about the creation and grading of cod liver oil. Their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents all knew about the rare cod liver oil consumed in Norse culture for its therapeutic and strengthening properties. This cod liver oil was created via a precious extraction method, which allows the fresh livers to naturally release the raw, golden oil they contain, without the need for heat, steam, chemical treatment, rendering, or pressure. Third-party tested. $55.99 90 Softgels or 5oz Liquid


VITAL PLANET believes that digestive health helps regulate the health of our entire system. Through education and innovative products, their team of natural digestive care experts has helped millions address their occasional gut issues for the last 25 years. Their products are formulated to help maintain the natural balance of the digestive system so people and their pets can enjoy more vibrant health. When you feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside! SALE $15.99 – $55.99

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