What’s New JANUARY 2021


 Inesscents is a woman-owned company that believes in hand crafted, high quality, skin care solutions. Not only do they rely on certified organic, wild harvested and fair-trade raw materials, ensuring sustainable farming practices and living wages for our farmers, they make sure all their employees are also paid fair and living wages. Each raw material they use has its own sourcing story: their local organic herb farm where calendula flowers are grown, their organic almond farm in California who grow & cold press their almond oil, or the villages in West Africa where village women produce shea butter according to traditional methods. Their line includes shea butter, cocoa butter, oils, bath salts, CBD bath salts, beeswax pellets, amber resin and more. All organic, all 20% OFF this month! $3.49-$19.99   For more info about Inesscents, go to https://inesscents.com/our-story/



 The first solar roasted coffee is here! Solar Roast’s solar aroma roasting process makes their coffee beans the richest and most flavorful you will ever brew and is certified 100% organic. Using solar power allows them to roast with a gentle heat resulting in a lower temperature roast. They roast their coffee slow and low, like a good BBQ! Each flavor is unique to its region: Peru Light Roast, Ethiopia Light/Medium Roast, Guatemala Medium Roast, Sumatra Dark Roast, and Solaris Bold Full-bodied Dark Roast Blend. Use our store grinder if you do not own one. Sale $8.99/12oz. Read all about the Harktop brothers’ very cool story here: https://solarroast.com/pages/about-us



Droplet began because the founding women “saw that our choices in the beverage aisle were usually between a caffeinated energy drink or the average sugary soda. Not great for balance, really. Adaptogens are non-toxic, all natural herbs and botanicals that help the body regulate its response to stress. After a lot of research, it was clear that adaptogens are especially amazing for women’s health. So we set out to make it easy to incorporate adaptogens into our own daily lives.”

Each can of Droplet is vegan, made with alkaline water, organic adaptogen extracts, prebiotic fruit purees, aroma-therapeutic superfoods, unprocessed coconut nectar, and Himalayan pink sea salt. Each can contains 35-45 calories and 5-11g of carbs, is fruit-sweetened, and contains adaptogens and herbs that include: ashwagandha, rhodiola, reishi, cacao, ginger. Try Pretty Bright, Pretty Happy, and Pretty Balanced flavors. Sale $4.99. For more info go to www.drinkdroplet.com

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