What’s New January 2020 (Mid-Month)

Terry Naturally Red Ginseng (HRG80™) – HRG80 Red ginseng supports the healthy desire, energy, and circulation that are keys to a healthy sex life. It combines botanicals especially chosen for: Libido, Performance Stamina, Satisfaction & Healthy Blood Flow & Circulation. HRG80 ginseng is different than any other ginseng available. It is specially grown and carefully tended in ideal, ultra-clean controlled which increases levels of the herb’s powerful compounds, called noble ginsenosides plus includes a botanical blend the support the production of nitric oxide for healthy blood flow and circulation. Sale $44.99/48 Capsules

GARDEN OF LIFE Dr. Formulated CBD Probiotics – Why take two products when you can take one? Garden of Life and David Perlmutter, M.D. are proud to introduce Dr. Formulated CBD Probiotics—two premium products in one.  Four formulas: Inflammatory Response, Women, Men & Stress Relief. Get the benefits of CBD and probiotics in one capsule.  Shelf stable, non-GMO, THC-free, Gluten-free. $41.99/30 plus $3 off coupon

NEW CHAPTER COLLAGEN POWDERS – Supplementing with collagen peptides gives your body key structural protein used for tissues including skin, tendons, ligaments, bones, hair, and nails. New Chapter collagen powders deliver Types I, II & III collagen from grass-fed, pasture-raised beef and cage-free chicken sources—hormone-free and humanely raised. They include targeted botanicals such as energizing Matcha Green Tea in Collagen Elevate, skin-nourishing Sea Buckthorn berry in Collagen Glow, and joint-supportive plant calcium in Collagen Move. Dissolves easily for your body to absorb and utilize! Stir into coffee, blend in a smoothie, drink with water, or mix into your favorite recipes. Sale $29.99/7.4 oz plus $4 off coupon.

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