What’s New February 2020

Living Intention’s Activated Superfood Popcorn is bursting with amazing flavors, nutrient-dense superfoods and the power of live enzymes. Your favorite movie-time snack just entered a higher plane of consciousness! Tandoori, Turmeric, and Salsa Verde $4.99

Immerse yourself in a vast selection of pure, organic herbal teas. Buddha Teas selects high-quality ingredients for crafting single-herb teas and some excellent tea blends as well. From popular green teas to elusive bark and seed teas, there is definitely something for everyone. Treat yourself to uncommon, hard-to-find herbal teas and enjoy a brand new tea experience. 7 Flavors. $5.19-$7.99

New three-ingredient, non-GMO, plant-based cauliflower rice! Gluten-free and cooks in 10 minutes. Four flavors: Original, Four Cheese, Cheddar, and Mediterranean. $3.99

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