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EcoVessel states “we’re inspired by a thirst for adventure and a respect for the planet. We are a family-based business in Boulder, Colorado that creates premium-quality hydration bottles and drinkware that maintain the optimal temperature of beverages while reducing dependence on single-use plastics.” EcoVessel has a simple goal in mind, to replace wasteful, single-use plastic bottles with insulated bottles made from stainless steel. Their bottles keep your coffee steaming hot and your water icy cold. Four styles to choose from plus a straw set. Their sister company, U-Konserve, also feels “that 50% of the plastic used in the U.S. is used just once then thrown away. Together we can change that. Sustainable design is good for the planet. We offer durable everyday reusable solutions so the whole family can eat healthier and ditch single-use disposables.”

We carry their stainless steel round and square containers with silicone lids. BOGO SALE! Buy One, Get One HALF OFF! (of an item of equal or lesser value) $7.99 – $24.99


Zimba products whiten teeth for 60% less than the other guys using premium, natural, & reduced-sensitivity ingredients. Shop their products, and your future smile will thank you! Included are LED Kits, Whitening Strips, Whitening Pens. Along with Zimba, our new Plus Ultra line completes your oral health care with Bamboo Toothbrushes, Toothbrush Heads, Toothpaste. PLUS ULTRA bamboo toothbrushes are perfect for every smile. And you’re doing something good for the planet. A bamboo toothbrush is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic toothbrushes. Our bamboo toothbrush handles are sculpted from Moso bamboo — a sustainable resource that is both durable and inherent with anti-bacterial qualities that protect from germs and mold. Designed to the specifications of dentist recommendations, our bristle heads feature a wave-shaped design that cleans difficult-to-reach areas with soft, nylon bristles that gently massage the gum line. The electric toothbrush head replacements are made of eco-friendly, biodegradable cornstarch. 2 styles of our replacement heads: compatible with Philips Sonicare. Each pack includes 3 replacement heads. Both Zimba & Plus Ultra never use:  Fluoride, SLS, parabens, artificial ingredients or colors, endocrine disrupters or neurotoxins. And Plus Ultra toothpaste is packaged in an eco-friendly, recyclable aluminum tube. On Sale $3.79 – $22.49


“Mãlama’ is the Hawaiian word for protect, preserve, and nurture. Malama Mushrooms is a family-owned superfood mushroom company based in Kona, Hawaii. Their mission is to share the health & wellness benefits of superfood mushrooms with the world. Benjamin Lillibridge began as an agriculturist & environmental scientist seeking to make a positive impact on the world & the people that occupy it. His mission became very specific to mushrooms once he got an introduction to mycology, the study of fungi. Did you know fungi can break down plastics & other harmful pollutants to remediate polluted water & soil? Or that some of the world’s most important medicines, from both traditional cultures and western pharmacology, are fungi derived? Malama first fruited in 2015 when Ben produced his first Hawaiian-grown mushrooms. He started by utilizing an underground lava-formed cave to cultivate the first mushrooms of the business and fast forward to today, he has wrangled in his family & friends to help his mushroom mission of creating & sharing fung-tional superfood mushroom products that integrate easily into your daily routine and to support your overall health & wellness. Try one of these fantastic superfoods today! Six powders: On Sale: $19.99-$21.99 (50-100 Servings each)

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