What’s New? AUGUST 2022

SOLARAY LIPOSOMAL MULTIVITAMINS are unlike other vitamins. They are expertly crafted with liposomes to offer maximum absorption and superior bioavailability which means you are getting exactly what’s listed on their label. Liposomes are small bubbles of phospholipids, the same fats that make up human cells. They have a unique structure that allows them to encase vitamins, minerals, and herbs in a protective barrier—making them a highly effective vessel for nutrient delivery. Liposomes surround 100% of the nutrients in a layer of protection, helping ensure they survive the harsh stomach environment to reach and be used by cells. Not only does the liposomal process protect nutrients, but it also masks their odors and makes them gentle on the digestive system—for a multivitamin you can truly feel comfortable taking. No taste or stomach upset! $5 OFF coupons while supplies last. On SALE at $39.99.


From creamy mac & cheese to gooey nachos, CORE & RIND CASHEW CHEESY SAUCE helps your favorite meals get a whole lot cheesier! With complex flavors and clean, identifiable ingredients, their plant-based, vegan cheesy dips put a bold, punchy twist on just about everything. Enjoy your favorite cheesy dishes, all without worrying about eating chemicals, additives, or unpronounceable ingredients. Core & Rind wants to nourish you, one cheesy bite at a time! Their products are made of real food, always. Gluten-free, paleo, dairy-free, Whole 30, keto-friendly and woman-owned! 3 flavors: Sharp & Tangy, Bold & Spicy, Rich & Smokey. $8.99

Magnesium is essential for maintaining good health and plays a key role in over 300 bodily functions including exercise performance, heart health and brain function. LIFE-FLO MAGNESIUM products are made with pure magnesium chloride brine from beneath the Netherland’s ancient Zechstein Seabed, one of the world’s most pristine sources. Life-flo Magnesium is designed to soothe and refresh overused muscles and joints, calm dry, stressed skin, help you unwind so you can get some rest and much more. Life-flo products are led by women, backed by science, and developed using the latest research and cutting-edge technology. Manufactured in their own state-of-the-art facility, each item is packaged with consciousness and sustainability to ensure the materials inside remain protected on their journey from us to you. No animal testing, no parabens, no artificial colors or fragrances and is organic. Try one of our new Life-Flo magnesium products on SALE starting at $8.59.

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