What’s New August 2017

Bubba’s Snack Mix–Believe it. Bubba’s Fine Foods Snack Mix is now available in the awesome flavors of Ranch and Smokey Chiptle BBQ.  And of course, using nothing but simple, great-for-you ingredients. This amazing grain-free snack mix is a dream come true for the health conscious snacker! At Bubba’s, we believe you can have your Crunch and eat it too.  Packed with only real food that treats your body with the respect it deserves Righteous dude. $5.19

Lono Life Bon Broth–Our Paleo certified broths earned a Top 5 Award at several prestigious food shows in the US, and we’re on the shelves of over 2,500 supermarkets nationwide.  Our award-winning products speak for themselves. Chicken or Beef, $6.29ea

Back To Nature Cracked Pepper Whole Wheat Crackers–Enjoy these delicious, crispy little square whole wheat crackers that include just the right sprinkle of savory, naturally flavored, cracked black pepper, baked right in. They’re great for snacking all by themselves and they may quite possibly be your new found favorite—simply delicious, simply good. $4.49 ea

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