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What’s New? APRIL 2023

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We welcome Energizing In Harmony Crystals and Jewelry! Crystals and minerals are tools to assist us in converting our energetic patterns to improve overall well-being. The intention behind the use makes the difference regarding our outcomes. Examples include chakra balancing, detoxification (physical, emotional, ethical, mental overload), and transmuting negative energy to positive. Because everything is energy and vibrates in a frequency, each crystal also has a frequency. For example, the Quartz crystal, which is found in watches and computers, vibrates to a frequency of 32,768 times per second. This vibration makes Quartz optimal for data transmission as it is fluctuating at such a high frequency with minimal pressure, electricity, and heat. This process is called Piezoelectricity. Piezoelectricity is the electrical charge that accumulates in certain solid materials such as crystals, certain ceramics, and biological matter such as bone, DNA, and various proteins in response to applied mechanical stress. With the understanding that everything is energy that is combined with chemical crystal formations within our bodies, crystals affect us based on the information for which we intend it. It is the intention in combination with our energy that gives crystals the reaction that benefits us. Come see the EIH line of crystals and jewelry in our Natural Living Dept. and attend their free class, Crystals 101 on April 29th from 11am to 2pm!  Learn how crystals work, experience a meditation, and be able to choose from an expanded inventory at the class. For more info:



 Natural Renewals “My Moss” Sea Moss Gels are the ultimate superfood! Sea Moss provides our bodies with 92 of the 102 essential minerals and nutrients we are made up of! This means it is good for all parts of your body such as energy and vitality, cardiovascular health disease, sexual health, and function, bone and muscle health, metabolism, thyroid function, and much more! My Moss is 100% Organic & Wildcrafted Sea Moss. Available in 7 flavors.



SuckerPunch Gourmet was founded in 2011 by artist and gallery curator, David Van Alphen. Fed up with grocery store pickles, and wanting to eat healthier after his sons were born, David starting experimenting with what is now their signature 11-spice blend. His friends couldn't get enough, and said that the flavor "hits you like a suckerpunch." From there, SuckerPunch Gourmet was born. "We make all-natural, Non-GMO, no added preservatives, and kosher-certified pickles that feature our signature 11-spice blend. It's crunchy, it's tasty, and the flavor will make you feel like a kid again. We promise that you'll be a hit at your next party if you show up with SuckerPunch!”  Three flavors: Classic Dill, Bread & Butter and Spicy 24 oz Jars/$7.69 plus Single servings: Kosher Dill, Bread and Butter, or Hot 3 Pepper Pickle Chips 3.4oz/$1.99

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Today's Store Hours: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Juice Bar & Eatery: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm