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It’s important to get enough fruits and vegetables into your daily diet. But, sometimes it can be hard to get the appropriate servings your body needs every day. That’s why Sunfood Superfood Mixes are a great addition to your diet. Sunfood Superfood Smoothie powders contain a wide range of supplements, plant extracts, fruits, and vegetables so you can get all the nutrients your body needs in one simple, delicious meal. What’s even better is that organic superfood smoothie mixes are an easy, convenient, fast, and cost effective way to ensure your body feels healthy, happy, energized, and ready for anything! All are organic, non-GMO, vegan & gluten-free. Flavors: Original, Chocolate & Peanut Butter $16.99



“Just real food that’s good for a healthy mind, body & spirit!”

Spirulina Mint Macaroon: A low sugar minty treat- only 2 g of sugar per 2 oz macaroon! Sweetened with coconut nectar only. Packed with Spirulina and Maca for a satiating guilt free energy snack/ meal replacement!

Chocolate Macaroon: Superfoods: Cacao, Spirulina, Goji Berries and crunchy Cacao nibs in a base of coconut flakes and coconut oil with low glycemic coconut nectar! Rich creamy chocolatey joy!

Chocolate Truffle: The original! Crunchy Cacao nibs, Goji berries, Spirulina and just a hint of spice! Packed with anti-oxidants, nutrient-dense and energizing!

Organic Superfood Supreme Truffle: A creamy cacao free truffle packed with superfoods Spirulina, Maca, Mesquite pod, Turmeric & Hemp seeds, with a gingerbread spice! Great for a hiking snack or with a warm cup of Golden Milk.

White Chocolate Truffle: Only 1 gram of sugar per truffle! Sweetened with low glycemic coconut nectar only! Cashew butter, Cacao butter, Maca and crunchy Cacao nibs make this a delicious guilt free indulgence! Think of cookie dough, but healthy!

All are raw, organic, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, paleo, keto

Macaroons $3.99 each & Truffles  $6.99 each


New Whole Earth & Sea Boosters provide exceptional organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan-friendly blends designed to support an active, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle.

Whole Earth & Sea Energize Adrenal Boost features fermented organic maca root and ashwagandha as part of a harmonizing adaptogenic blend to support balance, energy, and calm. This comprehensive formula also includes organic blueberries, acai, and black currants, as well as an organic mushroom blend to help keep you feeling fueled and focused throughout the day!

Whole Earth & Sea Golden Milk features fermented turmeric, ginger, and chai spices for warming nourishment for your mind and body. This traditional Ayurvedic drink makes it easy to boost your turmeric intake and is packed with powerhouse spices for enhanced bioavailability. With cinnamon, cardamom, and black pepper, this blend is a great-tasting, soothing golden powder.

Whole Earth & Sea Beets & Berries Blend is a vibrant, plant-based formula, packed with certified organic superfoods that include fermented beets, blueberries, and acai which  provide antioxidants to fight free radicals, as well as nitrates to support healthy blood flow.

Sale $23.99

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