The Story of Lomatium

In the late 1980s, my father met Max Barlow at a trade convention and purchased an herbal tincture called Lomatium Dissectum. Lomatium is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial, meaning it is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. We carried Lomatium from Max Barlow, who was a medicinal botanist, for many years to help our customers reduce the symptoms of colds and flu. It worked really well. I can remember the gold label on the bottle that said LDM-100 and I can recall easily the specific smell of the herb. After my father passed in 1998, I took over the ordering of Lomatium. But soon after, I was not able to order it for some reason.

Fast forward to April of this year when I was reading an email from Chris Wark discussing his latest podcast interview with Jane Barlow-Christensen. He was very excited to tell everyone about an herb he had never heard of before. Lomatium Dissectum. Turns out Jane is Max Barlow’s daughter! Max passed in 1998, the same year my father passed, which explains why I was not able to order the LDM-100. She took over the business in 2002 and expanded the selection of herbs that her father formulated for many years.

I was so excited to listen to the podcast with Jane to learn about what happened to her father and to learn if I could order LDM-100 again. I must say the interview with Jane and Chris was wonderful and informative. Jane stated that if she could pick only one herb to use for the rest of her life, it would be Lomatium. She said her father studied Lomatium and other herbs for over 30 years and worked with Rene Caisse, the formulator of Essiac tea, and Hulda Clark, who wrote “The Cure For All Cancers.” Lomatium is a Native American herb that grows only in the Pacific Northwest and it has never been cultivated. Jane’s family goes out each fall to wildcraft Lomatium by hand. It is now available in a 1 oz and 2 oz tincture and I am very happy to say that we now have LDM-100 in stock! It is safe for babies, kids, adults, and seniors and is an outstanding herb to have on hand for fighting any virus, bacterial or fungal infection.  If you have Lyme, shingles, mono, Epstein Barr, herpes, or just a cold or flu, LDM-100 should be at the top of your list to try. It is important to note that about 10 percent of Lomatium users experience a full-body one-time detox rash. It can be alarming but is simply the body’s way of detoxing the infection out of the body.  You can continue taking LDM-100 at a lower dose or stop until the rash subsides. The rash may take 5-7 days to appear and may last as long as 10 to 14 days. You can lessen the symptoms by taking charcoal capsules, high amounts of Vitamin C, dandelion root, Epsom salt baths, or Emu oil. I experienced no detox rash taking LDM-100.

Please note that Lomatium Dissectum can completely eradicate a virus/bacterial/fungal infection. Jane’s husband had herpes for 20 years and after 18 months of taking LDM-100, the doctor said he no longer had herpes. Follow the label for dosing instructions. For preventative purposes, Jane recommends taking 25 drops daily of LDM-100. To learn more about Jane and LDM-100, please watch this video:

Please ask a staff member in our Natural Living department for LDM-100.

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