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The Master Regulator


Of the many hormones in your body, thyroid hormones are probably the most important because they regulate your metabolism and are required for almost every physiological process in your body. It is safe to say, your thyroid is the master regulator.

Your thyroid function affects your energy levels and overall health. Lifestyle factors like stress, poor diet, and high intake of PUFAs (polyunsaturated fatty acids) can contribute to low thyroid function. If your thyroid levels are unbalanced, it can lead to serious health issues such as weight gain, eczema, autoimmune disorders, gum disease, irritable bowel disease, and fibromyalgia, to name a few.

How does the thyroid work? Your thyroid gland is located on your neck just under your voice box and secretes four hormones: T1, T2, T3, and T4. The number indicates the number of iodine molecules attached to the hormone. Nearly 90% of your thyroid hormone is released in an inactive form of T4. Your liver then converts T4 to T3 with the assistance of an enzyme.

When everything is working properly, your body makes enough T4 that is converted to T3 to control the metabolism in every cell in your body. Nutritional imbalances, toxins, allergens, stress and infections can disrupt this hormonal balance, leading to complications such as hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, and thyroid cancer.

An easy way to assess your thyroid function that we have advocated for many years is to measure your body temperature first thing in the morning before getting out of bed. Ask a Natural Living associate for instructions on how to properly take your body temperature. Here is how to protect and support your thyroid. Eat a whole food diet with minimally processed foods, include bone broth for collagen, include sufficient carbs, avoid PUFAs, avoid refined sugars, avoid fluoride and flame-retardant chemicals.

Nutrients and supplements recommended are bile zyme (Georgetown label), progesterone, glandular thyroid, tyrosine, ashwagandha, and be sure to include iodine which we sell under the name of energ-iodine. If you take progesterone, be sure to include vitamin E to enhance bioavailability.

Please consult with a Natural Living associate for recommended supplements and how to check your body temperature. Send an email to with any comments or questions.

Richard S Montieth

Founder and Co-Owner

Rick has been the back bone of this business since it was born in 1973. His extensive knowledge has made him the number one favorite of customers and employees alike. Joined by his two sons, Brett and Andrew, Rick enjoys helping customers with their health and wellness needs and contributing to the health of the community.

Today's Store Hours: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Juice Bar & Eatery: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm