Do you know the many health benefits of the amino acid, N-acetyl cysteine?  Commonly known as NAC, this supplement is a powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger.  Let’s start with our current favorite topic, Sars cov-2.  NAC may prevent the cytokine storm which is key in minimizing the severe symptoms associated with the infection.  If you are experiencing the nagging cough and/or fatigue associated with this infection, think NAC.  NAC is an alternative to heparin which is known to prevent or minimize blood clots.  NAC is also beneficial in addressing flu symptoms.

Other potential helpful benefits of NAC are asthma, chronic bronchitis liver and lung cancer, ulcerative colitis, COPD, pneumonia, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and may help with infertility as well as promoting a healthy pregnancy.  Combine NAC with vitamin E and essential fatty acids if pregnant.

A relatively unknown use for NAC is to treat Tylenol toxicity.  NAC is commonly used in the ER to treat a Tylenol overdose, which can be deadly.  NAC is administered intravenously.  Never use Tylenol to treat a fever.  A fever is your friend and is a normal reaction to kill bacteria and viruses.  It is advised not to suppress a fever unless it exceeds 103 to 104 degrees.

The recommended dosage for NAC is typically 1000mg to 1200mg daily. It is best taken with a meal as it may irritate the stomach. It is considered safe if pregnant and, as stated above, is beneficial for pregnancy.  Please speak with a Natural Living associate for assistance (7 brands available), or order online at If you have questions, please contact me at

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