Supergerm Protection

Ever wonder why some people catch a cold or the flu or even Lyme and others don’t? It most likely has to do with the health status of the immune system and the gut microbiome. One of the biggest concerns in medicine today is the rise of the emerging supergerms such as mutating bacteria, yeast, parasites and yes, viruses such as the recent arrival of the Coronavirus.

The question is, how to protect ourselves in the event of exposure to any virus or bacteria? Besides personal hygiene and eating healthy, the focus should be on our immune system and a healthy gut. The problem with relying on antibiotics is the increasing lack of effectiveness and the fact that they not only kill the bad bacteria in the gut but the good bacteria as well. A healthy gut relies on the ‘good’ guys outnumbering the ‘bad’ guys, to put in simple terms. Using a quality probiotic introduces a number of good bacteria to combat the bad bacteria. Consider the Just Thrive probiotic which has been tested for survivability of the beneficial bacteria into the intestinal tract.

To support the immune system in the event of exposure to a potent virus or even the common cold or flu, consider fortifying your immune system with high doses of vitamin C (3000-5000mg or to bowel tolerance), LDM-100 (lomatium), Sovereign Silver, and Herbal AloeForce. Herbal AloeForce is an unheated, whole leaf aloe vera product that, due to a breakthrough in technology, contains the life and potency of the entire aloe plant providing the biological activity of 200+ nutrients including enzymes, glycoproteins, amino acids, and the full range of mucopolysaccharides with no laxative effects. Herbal AloeForce is capable of killing pathogenic bacteria, viruses, yeast, and parasites. It cleanses built-up mucous and rebuilds the tissue of the respiratory system. The dosage depends on your general health status and what you are addressing.

See a staff member for assistance with any of these immune-supporting products.  Ask for your own copy of Solutions To Today’s Health Crisis: The Truth About Aloe Vera.

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