Drumsticks (PREORDER DEPOSIT) - Becker Farms


(FROZEN) $2.99 per lb. Each package contains 2 drumsticks and weighs between 2-4lbs.

Reserve your non-GMO drumsticks from Becker Farms today with a $5 deposit to attain priority on size. Reservations must be made by Wednesday, 11/18 @ 8pm. All products are sold first come first served after that.

Turkeys raised at Becker farms are pasture raised in Henry County on rotating fields, supplemented with non GMO feed, and antibiotic free!

Pickup will be available starting Friday, November 20 @ 9am. We will do our best to accommodate special requests and size preferences. Priority will be given to those that sign up early AND place a deposit.

Item Notes: These are sold frozen. Preordering this item does NOT qualify for the 10% discount on your purchase upon pickup promotion. However, this item will be discounted 10% as part of the promotion for other turkey products.


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NOTE: This item is frozen