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“Organic” What’s the Big Deal?


We’ve all experienced this before, going to our local supermarket and seeing two products next to each other that look the same but have one crucial contrast. One of those products is in normal packaging and the other is marked as “organic”, a small difference with a very large impact.

To understand the gap between the two and why that organic symbol matters we first have to understand what it means to call a product “organic”. At its most basic definition, organic farming is meant to be a holistic system that is optimal and harmonious with the environment, but why does this matter to you as an individual? What makes organic products so much better for the average consumer?

Healthy Living
Leading healthy lifestyles is important to a vast majority of individuals around the world, especially when it comes to our diets and the foods we’re putting in our bodies. With organic foods, studies have shown that there are health benefits to consuming these products as opposed to conventional food products. These benefits range from keeping our hearts healthier to even helping fight off cancer. Not only is making the switch to organic healthier for your body, but it’s also a positive lifestyle choice that shows consideration for the environment around us.

No Synthetic Chemicals
Synthetic Chemicals can be a real problem that is potentially dangerous not only to our bodies, but to our environment. From pesticides to fertilizers and even enhanced medications for animals, the chemical uses of conventional farming have grown increasingly out-of-hand. Organic farming methods practice a very strict avoidance of using any synthetically produced chemicals that are unnatural. Through this method you as the consumer can have peace of mind that when you are consuming organic products you are not ingesting any unwanted chemicals.

Adherence to Regulations
Regulations play a role in ensuring that the products we are buying in stores and markets are perfectly safe for our consumption. Legal standards have been put in place to keep unsafe products off of our shelves by ensuring that all products meet the listed prerequisites. Government agencies like the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) are constantly at work to guarantee that these standards are being met and are up-to-date with what the current standard for safe food should be.

Lower Carbon Footprint
Along with the benefits Organic farming methods bring to the products we consume personally, there are a ton of benefits to the environment. Chemically, organic farms are not covering massive acres of land in potentially damaging synthetic chemicals that could destroy entire ecosystems. Instead they are following the regulations put in place by government agencies in an effort to lower our carbon footprint and care for the environment. With a lower carbon footprint and focus on environmental safety standards, we can see benefits in the products we consume as well as biodiversity as a whole.

With all of the benefits that the organic methods in farming provide it should be a no-brainer to make the switch to organic products. Beyond the selfish gain in personal health and well-being, organic products are making a large difference in maintaining our environment and our world. When it comes to organic versus conventional products it’s clear to see that the future of an all-around healthy world can be found in the organic section!

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