Nutritional Lithium

Dr James Greenblatt, an integrative psychiatrist and author of the book “Nutritional Lithium: A Cinderella Story,” has over 30 years of practice of studying and observing the benefits of low dose nutritional lithium, especially in the area of preventing Alzheimer’s and dementia.  He has also experienced the effectiveness of low dose lithium in addressing irritability, anger and agitation in children as well as adults.

Lithium is found in every organ and tissue in the human body, with particular importance in brain function.  It is important to distinguish the difference of low dose nutritional lithium and lithium carbonate which is the drug form.  Lithium is often perceived as a dangerous drug used to treat severe mental illness with severe side effects.   Dr. Greenblatt, along with other nutritional doctors and practitioners, states that low doses of nutritional lithium may be beneficial in addressing bi-polar, suicide prevention, depression, dementia, Alzheimer’s, anger, irritability and is now known to be an anti-viral.  The nutritional form of lithium is sold either as lithium orotate or lithium aspartate.  He recommends starting at a dose as low as 1mg and working your way up to a 10mg dose.  Results are typically achieved in 2 to 4 weeks in some cases but may take longer.  Lithium is considered to be very safe with few side effects.  In addition to supplements, lithium is found naturally in tap water and in the herb thyme.

For more info please visit Dr. Greenblatt’s website   To purchase low dose lithium please ask one of our associates in Natural Living.  We offer 1mg, 5mg and 10mg doses.  Taking it with an essential fatty acid or vitamin E may enhance its effects.   For more information, contact me at

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