The amino acid, L-Lysine, has had known antiviral properties since the 1980’s when it was used to successfully treat herpes. Lysine inhibits Arginine absorption in the intestine, resulting in inflammation reduction. It may also be effective in treating and preventing cold sores. Because it is a known antiviral, is it possible that it is effective in treating or preventing the infection known as SARS-CoV-2?

In one study approximately 80% of acute stage covid-19 sufferers given Lysine displayed a minimum of 70% reduction in symptoms in the first 48 hours. (https://www.researchgate.net/publication/344210822_Lysine_Therapy_for_SARS-CoV-2). Lysine may eliminate or greatly reduce a fever quickly. Significant reduction in symptoms varied from 4 hours to 18 hours with only a few symptoms remaining was observed in the study group. This means Lysine may result in a very quick reduction of symptoms if Arginine intake is eliminated.

The recommended dosage is 1000mg, twice a day. Doses should be taken one hour before mealtime with 12-16oz of water. An initial dose of 2000mg with water can be taken with the onset of symptoms. It is critical to reduce/eliminate coffee and all caffeine drinks during the protocol because of the high Arginine content of caffeine.  According to the study, it is critical to continue taking Lysine at 1 gram per day for a minimum of one week after symptoms disappear with restriction of Arginine intake for 3 weeks to avoid clotting and a relapse.  If symptoms have occurred for several weeks, do not begin taking Lysine in a high dose. Start with a 500mg dose per day, raising the dose to 500mg every 4 to 5 days, until reaching 2000mg daily.

Besides caffeine, also avoid exercise, marijuana, and Arginine-rich foods. Zinc and calcium should be avoided while taking Lysine. Apparently, Lysine doubles serum zinc levels without supplementation.

Lysine is a treatment, not a cure, and is dependent on the immune system response gathering momentum to further control the illness. Consider a preventative course of action by taking 500mg daily to support the immune system. To choose the right            L-Lysine supplement for you, please consult with one of our Natural Living staff members. For any questions, please email me at rickATgeorgetownmarket.com.

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