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Healthy Food Trends to Look out for in 2020

Healthy Food Trends to Look out for in 2020

Today’s population is increasingly conscientious of the choices they make when it comes to food for a number of reasons. It may be for health and wellness, sustainability, or social issues. In response to those demands, many food manufacturers and grocery stores are providing more and more options to accommodate their needs.

What would the landscape of the health food market look like in 2020? Let’s take a look at some trends that you might want to pay attention to.

  1. New Kinds of Flour

Gone are the days of enriched flour and limited options for healthy flour alternatives. A wider variety of flour ingredients such as coconut, teff, cauliflower, and more have entered the market already. As consumers seek out healthier alternatives to regular flour in their baking and cooking, groceries are introducing more and more options with a higher content of protein and fiber.

Get on the bandwagon by trying these at Georgetown Market: From the Ground Up Cauliflower Crackers, Bobs Red Mill Teff Flour, Coconut Flour, Quinoa Flour, Garbanzo Bean Flour

2. Jackfruit as a meat alternative

Jackfruit’s meaty texture that mimics pulled pork, as well as its high iron, calcium, fiber, potassium, and vitamin content, has brought about its rising popularity as a meat substitute. Why not try making a sandwich with jackfruit for a weeknight dinner this week?

Edward & Sons Jackfruit Meatless Alternative; The Jackfruit Company BBQ Jackfruit and Teriyaki Jackfruit

3. Plant-Based Beverages and Food

While soy has dominated the plant-based protein world in the past, many brands have been promoting soy-free products to accommodate consumers with soy allergies. In fact, in 2020, the health food trend forecasts a soy slowdown in the market. Instead, plant-based ingredients like mung bean, hemp seed, pumpkin, avocado, and watermelon seeds are on the rise.

Try out what’s trending: Living Harvest Tempt Hempmilk, Ripple Pea Milk, Miyoko’s Creamery Cashew Cream Cheese Wheel, Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos Soy-Free Seasoning Sauce

4. Eat Where You Shop

In the year 2020, we can expect to see more food courts as a part of the “Eat Where You Shop” trend. Food halls present multiple benefits. First of all, it taps into increased demand in locally sourced gourmet food. Food courts also provide an economical solution for those trying to run restaurants in an age of skyrocketing retail prices and rents in cities. Moreover, Eateries within a health/organic grocery store accommodate various dietary needs such as gluten-free, vegan, and keto. They are also able to use the freshest ingredients since they have a supply on hand.

Learn more about Georgetown Market’s eatery and explore its menu here.

Whatever your reason for trying to make conscious food choices is, Georgetown Market is here to support your effort. When the demands grow, Georgetown listens and supplies with fresh, locally sourced products. So next time you visit, make sure to explore or talk to one of our Natural Living staff associates for recommendations!

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