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Cancer and the New Biology of Water ~ Part Two


In last month’s blog article, which was based on Thomas Cowan’s book, Cancer and the New Biology of Water, I discussed why Cowan believes the war on cancer has failed, and that he believes cancer is not a genetic disease but a metabolic disease. To read last month’s blog, go here.

What does Cowan believe contributes to the cause of cancer?  First, let me establish a working definition of health and disease, according to Cowan. Health is the state of perfect intracellular gels. Last month I stated that the cytoplasm is the liquid water gel that fills the inside (intracellular) of the cells and is enclosed by the cell membrane. Disease is when this gel state deteriorates. It makes perfect sense that good food, healthy water, sunshine, interaction with the earth, love, and acceptance, all produce healthier, more robust intracellular gel. In contrast, interaction with glyphosate, EMF fields, and toxic chemicals deteriorates our gels and makes us sick. If the intracellular water gel becomes distorted, the result is the formation of cancer cells.

Why has the progress in curing cancer been so slow? According to Cowan, we are not much further along in the quest to eradicate cancer than we were fifty years ago. In some ways, things are worse. One reason is the fact that the amount of resources and money devoted to studying alternative therapies is less than .01 percent of the total resources devoted to cancer research. What might have happened if even 10 percent our cancer budget had been devoted to lifestyle, diet, organic agriculture and other strategies to prevent a cancer epidemic? It is clear that the powers that be have exerted enormous effort and pressure to suppress these natural approaches. Just look at the extreme censorship taking place today.

Here are five plant and mushroom medicines that have the potential to heal cancer, according to Cowan, who has used these in his practice to heal his cancer patients.  Chaga, which is a mushroom, is used in tea or tincture form. Burdock root has the potential to deprive the tumors of the glucose they need to fuel their growth. Turmeric stimulates bile flow which helps the body rid itself of poisons. Ashitaba, relatively unknown, contains a phytochemical called chalcones which have the ability to stop cancer growths. Lastly, we have mistletoe, which is the undisputed king of natural cancer medicines, says Cowan. Unfortunately, the Helixor mistletoe injection Cowan recommends is not available in the US. It is available in Mexico.

Next month I will discuss options to heal the cytoplasmic gels, the importance of Celtic sea salt, Cowan’s opinion of removing cancerous tumors, and the importance of what you eat. Your feedback is welcome. Send your comments/questions to Rick at

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