Buy Local from Georgetown Market!

In the summer, produce is at its best! Buying locally-sourced foods offers some of the freshest, most natural, and best tasting products available.

Not only is locally-sourced food delicious and fresh, it’s beneficial to the community! Here are a few reasons to buy local:
  • It’s better for you. By eliminating transportation time, you know your products are not only fresher, but they are cutting down on carbon emissions.
  • It supports local farm families. By eliminating the middle-man, farmers are able to collect the full retail value of their hard work and superior products.
  • It builds community. Buying local re-establishes the connection between consumers and growers, often offering first-hand learning experiences for families.
  • Farm wealth trickles down to the local economy directly by reducing taxes. Revenue generated by farming costs the government substantially less in services than revenue from residential development, thus lowering taxes.
Support local growth and buy locally-sourced food at Georgetown Market!

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