Benefits of Liposomal Encapsulated Ascorbic Acid

We are pleased to offer a liquid liposomal Vitamin C by Modern Era Naturals that is from non-GMO sunflower oil from Europe.   It is gluten free, vegan friendly and soy free.   It is a bit complicated but the best way to describe the liposomal process is the vitamin C is encapsulated in liposomes with a phospholipid (fat) bilayer composed of phosphatidycholine.  This means the liposomes are a very effective method of delivery resulting in a very high absorption in to the bloodstream and in to the cells.  This is key if you are dealing with a significant virus such as pneumonia, whooping cough, Epstein-Barr or sepsis.

In a study at Colorado State University 11 men and women were administered an oral placebo or 4 grams of vitamin C via oral, oral liposomal, or an intravenous (IV) delivery method.  Results indicated IV C provided the best bloodstream absorption, oral liposomal C next, then oral unencapsulated vitamin C that are typically found in the form of powders, tablets or capsules.

IV C is not practical for the general public due to cost and difficulty finding a practitioner to administer the IV.  Liposomal vitamin C is an excellent alternative because it does not cause any flushing, there are no bowel tolerance issues, and 95% to 98% gets in to the bloodstream.  IV C achieves 100% in to the bloodstream where oral vitamin C is much lower.  It is thought that Liposomal C gets in to the cells much more efficiently than IV C which is significant.

Remember we do not make vitamin C in our own body but research has shown that vitamin C, even in high amounts, is safe and very effective in treating many conditions.  It may help support your immune system, form collagen, facilitate iron absorption, and support with the processing of many hormones, enzymes and amino acids.

Dr. Thomas Levy states 1 g of Liposomal C is as good as 5 to 10 g of IV C.  Dr. Levy recommends a multi vitamin C approach for best results. To read more about Liposomal vitamin C by Dr.Levy, click here.

Modern Era Naturals Liposomal C is available in a 5oz liquid bottle.  Please ask our staff for assistance.  Please contact me to learn more about IV C, liposomal C and powdered ascorbic acid or sodium ascorbate C.

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