A Canine De-wormer For Cancer Treatment?

My main goal when talking with a customer diagnosed with cancer is to educate them that there are options besides the standard of care treatments of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. One of the more unusual alternative therapies is the Joe Tippens protocol. Joe’s story of how he successfully addressed his late stage 4 small cell lung cancer is nothing short of remarkable and inspiring. The day before he was to move to Switzerland to start a new job, he learned he had cancer. He canceled his move and began chemotherapy at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas. His condition       worsened, and he was sent home to arrange his affairs. A college friend of his called and asked if he would try an off-label drug marketed as a canine de-wormer.  With nothing to lose he started taking fenbendazole made by Merck.  Twelve weeks later he was in remission.

To learn his full story, go to his blog at www.mycancerstory.rocks. Small cell lung cancer is right behind pancreatic cancer in terms of the deadliest cancers. At the end of his blog there are many testimonials from others who were successful in sending their cancer into remission, including 7 survivors of pancreatic cancer. Please understand this may not result in remission.

In his blog, Joe reveals the 3 supplements (tocotrienols, curcumin, CBD oil) he recommends in addition to fenbendazole. We carry all 4 items including fenbendazole in our Natural Living Dept. Please see an associate to get assistance with these items.  It is important to follow the dosing guideline for fenbendazole.  Please do not be alarmed by the label for the fenbendazole which refers to it as a canine de-wormer.  It is perfectly safe for humans to take.  Ask for our handout on fenbendazole.  Any questions, please contact me at rickATgeorgetownmarket.com.

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