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6 Cooking Tips for Your Family with Specialty Diets

Labor Day is coming and you agreed to host a family gathering. You know how this works–grandma Karen doesn’t eat sugar or dairy, your cousin Kate is a vegan and your brother-in-law Tom is gluten intolerant.

Inevitably, someone will make a fuss, but don’t worry, you can do it—you can plan a meal to make everyone happy!

Aug.-PinWhen you plan a meal for a group of people with different food sensitivities, here are some suggestions:

1. Stick to whole foods. This will assure that your foods are good quality without extra preservatives.

2. Label your spread with notes that tell ingredients and dietary restrictions. People won’t have to ask, and you won’t have to repeat everything.

3. Grill everything on aluminum foil, veggies separate from meat. This will prevent cross-contamination from the cooking surface or from the items you are cooking for your meal.

4. Cook with olive oil instead of butter. This is a great way to accommodate dairy sensitivities and vegan preferences.

5. Consider a main dish with different parts that your guests can assemble themselves—like a burrito bar or rice bowl, so that people can add what they like and become responsible for their own food intolerances.

6. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a great option for most diets—put out a bowl of watermelon and a veggie tray with homemade hummus and ranch dip!

Don’t worry about making every dish suit every person. If grandma Karen can eat everything except one dish and Kate can eat everything except the meat on the bowl (and we all know that Tom will eat most everything that’s free of gluten), then you’ve done well!

Someone may or may not make a fuss—but they certainly won’t be angry about the consideration you’ve put into your amazing meal! 

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