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5 Healthy Ways to Beat Your Lunchtime Munchies


You look up at the clock. 10:30am it reads. Your stomach roars loudly, screaming for something to eat. It’s too early for lunch, but you don’t want some unhealthy snack. Thinking back to that morning you wish you had taken time to have breakfast or at least grabbed something on the way out. Growwwl! Your stomach says, making another plea. You give in and head to the vending machine for a bag of chips. We’ve all been in this situation. We want to eat healthy, but sometimes there seems to be no options. Take a look at these few steps to fight those lunchtime munchies.

  1. Breakfast

“The most important meal of the day!” This has become a common phrase and for a good reason. Studies show that when we eat breakfast we are likely to be more productive during the day. It provides necessary nutrients to the brain that is lost when sleeping. So make sure that you take the time each morning and have a good nutritious breakfast and try not to just grab something on the way out if you can help it.

  1. Real Food

It is hard during our busy lives to take time and prepare good healthy meals. But that is exactly what our bodies need. This is especially true in the morning. We often get stuck grabbing a bagel at the coffee shop or eating a granola bar in the car. These things, while better than nothing, don’t provide all the nutrients we need. So fit a good meal into your schedule. Take that little bit of extra time and eat well.

  1. Healthy Alternatives

Sometimes even when you eat regular meals you can find yourself craving something during the day. Often times those cravings are for less than healthy options. Be intentional about the snacks that you have around, because when tempted, we are going to go for the closest thing. Instead of chips and candy have things like fruits, veggies, and nuts. These are easy options that provide you more well-rounded nourishment.

  1. Other Containers

Another easy trick to curb those lunchtime cravings is to not eat straight out of a container. If you have a bag of trail mix or some fruit, put those into a dish. Then take the original container and put it away. This will help fight the temptation to finish the whole bag. We understand how easy that can be especially with your favorite healthy snack.

  1. Manage Stress

One of the biggest contributors to snacking and unhealthy eating is stress. Many people use eating and snacking as a stress reliever. This can be very unhealthy especially if you aren’t hiding those other snack foods at work. So try to work at relieving that stress in other ways. Taking walks and getting out for some fresh air is a great way to clear your mind and it will also help get you exercising.

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