A Natural Heart Tonic


A Natural Heart Tonic
Dr. Richard Schulze, a renowned authority on herbal medicine, corrected his ‘incurable’ heart deformity at the age of 16 by changing his diet and taking heart supportive herbs, primarily hawthorn berry.  John Christopher, considered by many to be the father of herbal medicine, stated hawthorn berry syrup was his first choice to treat heart conditions and to strengthen the body.

According to Dr. Schulze, hawthorn berry strengthens and protects the heart, lowers blood pressure, prevents hardening of the arteries, and improves the blood supply and oxygen to the heart.  Herbal experts say hawthorn berry may reduce or reverse angina, improves endurance, may correct congestive heart, and even may strengthen the connective tissue in the body.

I am pleased to announce we are now offering a Hawthorn Berry Syrup produced locally by Rod Blanchford, with Hidden Pond Farm.  He uses fresh wild-harvested hawthorn berries and combines them with vegetable glycerin and a small amount of organic grape alcohol to preserve the syrup. The taste is pleasant.

Choose either an 8oz or 16oz bottle and remember to keep it refrigerated. The recommended dose is ½ teaspoon daily, larger amounts for therapeutic purposes. Women should consult their physician before taking hawthorn berry syrup.

Hawthorn Berry Syrup is an excellent heart tonic and should be considered food for the heart.

Please share this information with anyone who has a heart disease, a weak heart, or wants to improve endurance. There are alternatives to drugs and bypass surgery.

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