What’s New November 2018

What’s New November 2018

Alexia mashed side disnes–As a Manhattan chef, Alex always wondered why there weren’t quality side dishes that achieved the same discerning standard as the main entree. He knew others would agree, and believed he could create distinctive and inspired convenient everyday side dishes that lived up to what he might create in his own Greenpoint kitchen. Think differently about your mealtime mash. Available in Mashed Cauliflower with Sea Salt and Mashed Butternut Squash with Brown Sugar, $3.99/3oz

Urban Accents Seasoning Packets–Roasting veggies is a whole lot easier with our delicious blend of onions, balsamic, garlic, brown sugar, sea salt and spices. Just mix with olive oil and melted butter, then toss with Brussels sprouts, potatoes or any root veggie and roast! Available in Balsamic Veggie Roaster and Roasted Onion, $3.99 ea.

Urban Accents Wine & Cider Mulling Spice–Just add cider or wine to this tantalizing combination of cinnamon, orange, lemon, star anise, vanilla and spices for a warm and toasty winter treat. Mulling ball/sachet not included.$4.49ea.

Parmela’s Nut Cheeses–There’s no better way to top off your pizzas or make your favorite Italian dishes with tasty cheesy flavor but without the dairy than Parmela’s Aged Nutcheese Shreds! 100% plant-based and GMO-free, these cheeses start with cultured cashew milk that’s aged for over 30 days and hand-crafted for true cheesy goodness in every batch to give authentic flavors and textures just like the real thing, but without the dairy. They melt perfectly in the oven, giving you the perfect replacement for shredded cheese in all your favorite recipes! Mozarella, Sharp Cheddar and American Style, %6.99

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