How To Kill Cancer Stem Cells

How  To  Kill  Cancer  Stem  Cells

One of the important things I learned from watching The Truth About Cancer docu-series several years ago was the existence and threat of cancer stem cells.  Let’s start with what cancer stem cells are.  It is believed that a tumor is initiated by a small subset of distinct cells with stem-like characteristics.  Cancer stem cells possess properties of self-renewal that contribute to resistance of tumors to most chemotherapeutic drugs.  The failure to eradicate cancer stem cells during chemotherapy is believed to be the reason for tumor recurrence and metastasis.  In plain language, this means that chemotherapy agents, which are capable of killing tumor cells,  are not able to kill cancer stem cells which often results in these stem cells to begin circulating in the body resulting in cancer spreading.  How often do you hear of someone who was deemed free of cancer only to find out later that the cancer is back and has spread?  This is due to the circulation (metastasis) of cancer stem cells that were not eradicated by the chemo.  To be successful in treating cancer be sure the cancer stem cells are addressed.

The good news is there are many foods and herbs and even vitamin C that are capable of killing the cancer stem cells.  According to GreenMedinfo, there are over 20 known foods and substances that can kill cancer stem cells.  Ready?  Ginger, curcumin, green tea, leafy greens, Chinese skullcap, blueberry, flavonoids, guggul (from the myrrh tree), cruciferous veggies, mint, lycopene, feverfew, lavender, black pepper, quercetin, resveratrol, milk thistle, thyme, cod liver oil, vitamin D3 and ashwagandha.

Do not rely on chemotherapy or radiation to eradicate the cancer stem cells.  If you want to learn more about cancer stem cells look at this link:

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