What’s New August 2018

What’s New August 2018

Goldthread is a plant-based tonic company founded by clinical herbalist and L.AC William Siff to empower people to drink more plants. We’re not talking more spinach and kale. Think super herbs, adaptogens, and spices like ginger, matcha, schisandra, turmeric, nettles, and tulsi leaf. Our expertly formulated tonics are packed with 14g of herbs and spices per bottle to support key functions of the body including energy, immunity, digestion, metabolism, mood and mental clarity.

At Vermont Smoke & Cure, we’ve been consciously crafting delicious smoked meats and meat snacks since 1962. We use responsibly sourced meats and simple ingredients, spices and herbs to create the finest flavor in every bite. We pride ourselves on being a good neighbor and valuable partner to our local farmers. This is simply the way we do business – and it all combines to create the finest flavor in every bite. Spicy Italian and Uncured Pepperoni, $5.99

Grandma Beas Jewelweed Anti-itch and Poison Ivy Relief—Jewelweed has been used for centuries as an aid in poison ivy and itch relief. The Spray brings soothing relief to existing rashes as well as to spray on after contact with poison ivy. The Soap can be used to relieve existing rash and also to wash the skin after contact with poison ivy to prevent rash. The Salve is soothing to existing rash and provides relief from itching as well as healing rash. Mist, Salve and Soap, $5.99-$11.99.

Yömms Deli Nuts Snacks is a new, delicious and nutritious snack. Yomms takes the best qualities out of pecan nuts combined with carefully selected ingredients to offer you exquisite recipes which enhance their already tasty natural flavor. Yömms Deli Nuts is the perfect to-go snack which you can bring to all your activities . Crunchy Joy, Nutty Chia, Coco Twist and Crazy Pineapple, $4.99 ea.

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