What’s New June 2018 (mid-month)

What’s New June 2018 (mid-month)

Twilight Farms Dairy Products – Since 2008, we have made it our business to create the freshest, most healthful cheeses we can, right here on our family owned operated 120-acre dairy farm. You may know us as “sunset Acres,” but in 2014 we changed our name to better reflect our line of dairy products. With the new name and a fresh new look that jumps off store shelves. Gouda, Sharp Cheddar and Garlic & Dill, on sale thru June $9.99 reg. $10.99 10oz. Look for the Twilight Farms Yogurt, Plain, Blueberry, Raspberry and Vanilla, $1.69/6oz

• Grass-Fed (No Grain)
• No Hormones or Steroids
• Never Fed Drugs or Antibiotics
• GMO-Free
• Pasture-Raised
• No Animal By-Products
• Raw Food
• Non-Pasteurized

Infinite Planet Multi-vitamin – Sustain your optimal health. Sustain our planet’s environment and ecology. Sustain people around the world, their diversity and their cultures.
Infinite Planet Daily Multi is a one-of-a-kind, certified organic, complete multivitamin, with 20 whole food-grown vitamins and minerals synergistically enhanced with 40 organic whole foods and extracts.
All of its ingredients are fair and ethically sourced, from sustainable, organic growers around the world. On sale thru June $9.99/reg $10.99 60Caps


Planet Features:
• Maca, eco-harvested from native Amazonian highlands
• African Baobab Fruit, raising communities throughout South Africa
• Australian Kakadu Plum, wild harvested by indigenous groups
• Peruvian Cocoa, helping advance the lives of small farmers in South America
• Egyptian Fennel, sustaining growers and fertile soils of the Mediterranean

Keys Alternative Naturals – “We are not just a natural products company with scents of lavender and claims of what ingredients we do not have in our products.  We consider ourselves a natural medicine and therapy products company that happens to use natural ingredients.  We use functional ingredients in therapeutic proportions to design and build skin care, beauty, skin therapies and dog care products that do what they say they will do”. In the simplest of messages, Keys is ancient remedies employing modern technologies for people with skin disorders, those that want to be chemical-free, people who want their family to have natural alternatives and for post cancer recovery survivors.

Check out the full line of Skin and Hair Therapies. $9.99 – $28.99

Orrington Farms Meal Creations – Born in the heartland of America, Orrington Farms has been making delicious broth bases and flavorful seasonings for decades. We make small batches using carefully selected quality ingredients and we take the time to do it right. No shortcuts, just simple, honest quality ingredients using family recipes, inspired by the farm, handed down over generations.

We offer products that are lower sodium, vegan, and gluten free. Beef Stew, Pot Roast, Buffalo Style and Carnitas. On sale thru June $1.49/reg. $1.99

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